Home Made Spaghetti __ Quick & Easy Recipe.



Hello & Aslam O Alikum! I am back to my food lovers. Today I am going to share an easy and quick recipe for Home Made Spaghetti. It is really easy and full of taste. Hope you all will enjoy this Recipe because I am sharing easy steps which can be done easily. So follow all directions and enjoy the Recipe.

Recipe of Home Made Spaghetti:

SpaghettiFor Sauce:

Take a separate bowl and add these ingredients:

  1. Soya sauce
  2. Chili garlic sauce
  3. Oyster sauce
  4. Red chili flakes
  5. Chicken powder
  6. 2 spoons of cornflour
  7. Black pepper
  8. Salt to taste
  • Mix these Ingredients according to your taste because some people like more spicy whether I don’t like much spicy. So I added according to my taste. 



  1. Spaghetti (160 Gram)
  2. Chicken/ Beef (150-200 Gram)
  3. Cooking Oil (2-3 Tbs)
  4. Sesame Oil (1/4 Tbs)
  5. Garlic Paste (1 Tbs)
  6. Cabbage (1 Medium Size)
  7. Capsicum (2 Medium Size)
  8. Carrots (2 Medium Size)
  9. Onion (1 Medium Size)


  • Boiled the Spaghetti noodles with salt and yellow color keep aside.
  • Marinate Chicken/Beef strips with soya sauce, oyster sauce, salt, and Black pepper.
  • Take a wok Pan and put some cooking oil and 1/4 quantity of sesame oil.
  • Add chopped garlic & fry slightly.
  • Add marinated Chicken/Beef until it became tender. Do not cover the wok with lid to remain chicken/Beef juicy.
  • Add the sauce into chicken/Beef & fry on high flame for 2 minutes.
  • Now add veggies which you like. I added Cabbage, Capsicum, Carrots and some slices of Onions.
  • Mix Vegetables with saucy chicken and let them cook for 2 minutes.
  • Now add Boiled Spaghetti and mix it well on high flame.

 If u want to add some more flavor you can add more seasonings e.g. garnish with green part of spring onion😋


I use to serve this spaghetti with chicken soup and garlic toast. You may serve with Mushroom Soup or sweet corn soup.


Enjoy with Kids.

Note: Beef will take more time to be cooked well. 

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Written by Huma Shaikh