Pakistan is the Number 1 Adventure Destination in 2018.

Attabad Lake


Today I am going to discuss one of my dream place Attabad Lake. This lake is always lovely for me. I was in 10th Class when I see a news on a local news channel about natural formation of this lake. I was surprised to see that how can it possible. It was not less than a Miracle for me. It is my forever wish to visit this place before it will disappear.


Attabad Lake

Karakoram Highway

Natural Formation of Attabad Lake:

Attabad Lake which is also commonly known as Gojal Lake is an amazingly beautiful lake in Gojal Valley. This lake is here but won’t be here forever. That was created in January 2010 by a landslide dam. On 4th of January 2010, a massive Landslide came down from mountains, it blocked off the river access and a natural Lake filling up the valley that was once here with Glacier water. The water not only took one entire village bring houses, farms, and trees. It also blocked off road access in this entire area. The landslide killed twenty people and blocked the flow of the Hunza River for five months.

Attabad Lake

The entire population of Hunza and Gojal valley, up to 25000 individuals, were affected as a result of the lake, due to difficulties of road access and reaching business markets and loss of land, houses, and agricultural products. As of 14 June 2010, the water level continued to rise. DawnNews reported that “242 houses, 135 shops, four hotels, two schools, four factories, and several hundred acres of agricultural land” had been flooded, and that villagers were receiving food and school fee subsidies. They reported that 25 kilometers (16 mi) of the Karakoram Highway and six bridges were destroyed. The government helped them to get out of this situation. The yearly struggle made the valley a piece of heaven.

Attabad Lake

Boats in Bluewater





Locals are very resourceful now so they made and drop their boats in the new lake. They gave transport to people, vehicles, and animals to move. People of Gojal are friendly are cooperative. This is also a reason for tourist’s attraction to this place. In 2016, foreign tourists visiting Pakistan stood at 965,498.  Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation shows that 1.75m tourists visited Pakistan in 2017. 30% were domestic tourists says PTDC.

Attabad Lake

Frozen Attabad Lake

The British Backpacker Society declare Pakistan has the number 1 adventure destinations. The ranking is done from 20 countries. The society considers that Pakistan is the friendliest nation. The scenery of mountains is beyond anyone’s Dreams. The team encouraged people to travel to Pakistan. Pakistan has been marked as Terrorism in last years that declined the tourism here. The ranking by the British group is the right step towards Pakistan’s image. The team encouraged people from around the world to travel to Pakistan and assured that their perception of the country will be changed forever once they’re done.

Tourism is increased by 300% in Pakistan because of improvement in security situations. I will suggest all readers, visit this beautiful blue watered lake. It won’t be here forever because the water level is decreasing but God knows better it will disappear or not.

Note: Pictures by The Hunzai Lad.

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Written by Huma Shaikh