Our Favorite Chicken Fritters!

Chicken FrittersHi Guys! I am a foodie and love to share good recipes with others. Because I think little creativity can enhance the taste of food. Today I am sharing a very easy and quick recipe of Chicken Fritters on my Blog for you guys. Easy and quick recipes are really God Gifted.  I would like to share a Quote here:

First we eat, then we do everything else.     

M.F.K. Fisher

Chicken Fritters Recipe

This is a very favourite recipe. Specially Youngsters should try these time saving and easy recipe.  Hope you Guys will try this recipe and share your views with me.


  • Chicken Breast                                  1 Piece
  • Mozzarella Cheese                            1 Cup
  • Eggs                                                      2
  • Mayonnaise                                         4 Tbs
  • White Flour                                         5 Tbs
  • Salt                                                        Acc to taste
  • Black pepper                                       Acc to taste


  • Cut chicken breast into normal square pieces & put these pieces in a Bowl.
  • Add Cheese, Eggs, Mayonnaise, White flour, Salt and Black pepper in it.
  • Mix it with Spatula.
Chicken Fritters

Mixture for Chicken Fritters

  • Cover the mixture with Plastic Wrap and put it in Refrigerator for 20 Mins.
  • Shallow Fry the small circles till it turned into golden color.
Chicken Fritters

Shallow Fry

  • Serve it with Mayonnaise or Tomato Ketchup.

Chicken Fritters

Serving Of Chicken Fritters:

  • These fritters can be served with Garlic Mayo.
  • You can make any spicy sauce with this if you like spicy food.
  • It can be served with burger buns.
  • It can be served with tea as a snack.
So many Recipes are coming soon.

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Written by Huma Shaikh