12 Awesome Closet Organization Hacks

closet organizing hacks


Hello & Aslam O Alikum! Hope you all are well and enjoying winter as well. As I promised last week that I will share brilliant closet organization hacks. These hacks will help you to get organised. Firstly, I want to share that I love my home so much. It is not that bigger nor smaller. Its perfect for our family, but one thing I want to change in our home is my closets. Because those are not according to my management style but I tried my best to put them in a brilliant way. Over several months,  I’ve implemented some changes to the way I store clothes, shoes, and accessories in my closet. And I can happily say that thanks to those changes, my closet is more organized now than it’s ever been! So in the spirit of getting organized, I thought I’d share my favourite closet “hacks” with you today. My hope is that these tips and tricks will help you tackle the clutter in your own closets at home!

Here are Closet Organization Hacks:


1. Sweater Storage That Saves Space

Closet Organization HacksHang your sweaters instead of folding them in the closet because folding will take more space. Use a double closet rod that is really space saving for your fluffy sweaters. After so many attempts I came up to this easy solution. Just hook it onto the rod in your closet, and it gives you an additional rod nearer to the ground. Put one of these in your closet, and you’ll have plenty of space for those folded sweaters!

Another simple storage solution you can try is hooking hangers together with a tab from a soda can. It will hang lower than your other hangers, which should help you save more space with very little effort.

2. Organising Pants & Trousers

Hang pants and trousers on hangers. By using can caps or a plastic chain you can double-up hangers which will leave a lot of space to hang more of your clothes.

3. Solution For Scarves

Closet Organization HacksThis is my favourite closet hack because I use to have a scarf daily. There is scarves collection in my closet so I found the best way to organise it by using curtain rings.  I’ve found a tricky way to attach a few shower curtain rings or curtain clips to the bottom of a hanger. Just slip a scarf through each ring, then hang it up next to your other clothes! All of your scarves will be clearly visible and stay wrinkle-free.

4. Storing Shoes

There are so many easy ways to store shoes in or out of the closet. But my only concern was to save my shoes from dust.Closet Organization Hacks

  • Store your shoes according to categories. The shoes you wear all the time & shoes you wear less frequently. Organise it according to categories like party wears, heels, joggers, flats and pumps.
  • Get some shoe bins, these are widely available and usually transparent. They can store much of your shoe collection (except for tall stuff like boots and high-tops) in individual, easy-to-see spots.
  • Store fancy heels at the top of your closet. Because fancy high heels are more delicate, they’re easier to knick in bins or cubbies. According to several professional organizers, the top shelf of your closet is one of the best places to store shoes.
  • Store flats, sandals, and slip-ons in over-the-door organizers. Shoe organizers that hang over the closet door can be lifesavers — particularly for lightweight, casual shoes since you can bunch an entire pair into one slot.

5. Rotate Your Wardrobe

One of the ways I save space in my small closet is by rotating my wardrobe seasonally. When the weather starts warming up in the spring, I take all of my heavy coats, thick boots, and the rest of my winter wear and I pack it up into a few plastic tote bins. Then I replace those items with sundresses, sandals, and other warm weather clothes. Rotating my clothes each spring and fall also gives me the opportunity to get rid of anything I haven’t been wearing (which is another great space saver!)

Closet Organization Hacks

6. Fit More Shoes On A Shelf

Here is an easy trick for shoe organisation. If your shoe collection is taking up a lot of shelf space, here’s an easy way to save some space. Place the left shoe with the toe facing into your closet, and the right shoe with the toe facing out. The shoes will fit together more snugly, and you’ll likely be able to fit an additional pair of shoes onto your shelf this way!

7. Use Hooks For Handbags

Closet Organization HacksNeed a way to hang up handbags, clutches, belts, or other accessories? Try these hooks to manage space. These hooks are not expensive and widely available in the market. Little creativity can make your closet awesome storage.



8. Use A Clever Closet Organizer

Closet Organization HacksWhen I was doing research for this post, I ended up finding a LOT of really cool closet organizers online. I couldn’t really justify buying them all just for the sake of closet research, but I wanted to share them anyway! If you haven’t found the perfect solution to your particular closet conundrum yet, you might just find it among other products. In this mini closer you can save your socks, Gloves and other short wears.


9. Use Pegboard for Accessories

Closet Organization HacksYou may already use pegboard in your garage or pantry for storage, so try adding some to your closet. Add some hooks to organize jewellery and accessories. You can even install the pegboard on the back of the closet door.



10. Arrange clothes season-wise and occasion-wise

Arrange your clothes according to occasions and seasons. It is always smart to let your winter clothes take a back seat during the summer and vice versa. Also, it is always helpful to arrange your clothes by occasions/categories, for example- casual wear, office wear, party clothes. It makes it easier to chose the right clothes for the occasion.

11. Labelling helps

If you have a variety of clothes and you have stacked them up in individual drawers, labelling the drawer will help you keep track of what is where and also where things should go. It is one of an amazing closet hack. Because I have shortage of memory so It helps me a lot.

12. Remove unwanted items regularly

One of the main reasons that my closet never seems to be in control is because I keep adding without removing. I realised hoarding is a sin and every few months do a thorough check to see what can be removed. Make it a point to donate the items to keep you motivated.

Closet Organization Hacks




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Written by Huma Shaikh