8 Awesome DIY Bathroom Organization Ideas



Hello and Aslam o Alikum! Hope you all are fine. Today we will discuss some Awesome DIY Bathroom Organization Ideas. A bathroom is the only place in the home that needs to be clean again and again. Those who have difficulty with everyday life tasks will likely have difficulty with light housekeeping and, in particular, ensuring a clean bathroom. A clean bathroom can actually affect the health and safety of aging adults and those who are housebound.

Why is Bathroom Cleaning Important?

Bathroom Organization IdeasThe task of cleaning a bathroom is very important because the rooms are moist and conditions are good for the development of bacteria and mold. As it attracts the dirt and the grime, thus it is one of the most difficult areas to keep clean.

  • Cleaning your bathroom is very important for your hygiene. Kids and elders are vulnerable to get affected by the bacteria. Germs spreading and affecting your health can be prevented with deep clean. Cleaning these places regularly will ensure that there is less chance of getting flu or cold Properly cleaning and sanitizing restrooms can prevent the spread of many common diseases.
  • If bathrooms are not cleaned properly and you have people around, then it is embarrassing. Because it shows the hygiene level of a person. It is considered to be the worst situation when you going to someone’s house and in need to use the washroom and it is dirty.
  • Many people are unaware about the severity of molds. If your bathrooms are not cleaned properly bathroom mold will start growing quickly. If you delay in taking care of it on time, it can really become a tough task later on.
  • In bathrooms, you will face an underlying funk smell if you are not cleaning it properly. To get rid of that nasty smell you will have to do deep bathroom cleaning. There are so many products available in the market to clean the bathrooms. I will discuss those later on.
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance can save valuable time and money. It helps preserve the condition of your floors, sinks, and toilets.

Brilliant Bathroom Organization and Storage DIY Solutions

The bathroom is one room in the home that hardly ever has enough storage space. No matter how big your bathroom is, you will always have the need for additional storage and organization. There are a number of ways to add storage and organize your bathroom without spending a fortune and without needing a lot of floor space. Just a few little tips can drastically change the look and function of your bathroom.

I find that the bathroom is one of the easiest rooms to organize and can also have one of the biggest impacts!   If your bathroom could use a little organization help, follow these easy Bathroom Organization Ideas and create your own spa-like retreat.

1. Keep the Shelves Clutter-Free

Bathroom Organization IdeasKeep a few items out on the shelves as possible and use a tray to corral any products that you do want out.  This creates a tidier look and makes it easier to clear off the shelves for cleaning. The foaming soap pump not only looks pretty, but it also saves a ton of soap.


2.  Hang Towels From Hooks

Bathroom Organization IdeasIt’s much easier to hang up bath towels on a hook than it is to hang them on a towel bar. It also allows the towel to dry better.  Save the towel bars for hand towels and get some hooks for everyone to hang their towels on – preferably a different hook for each family member.  We try to re-use our towels as much as possible to cut down on washing, so it’s nice to know that you’re getting your own towel!


3. DIY pocket Organizer

Bathroom Organization IdeasPocket organizers are one of the best containers for cleaning items. Hangs these pockets inside the cabinet door. By hanging there It will save space. You may get these pockets from any superstore. These are widely available at cheap rates. You may also find the pattern to make these pockets by clicking here.


4. A Tisket A Tasket. A Wall Full of Baskets

Bathroom Organization IdeasBathroom organization and space saving are not nearly as difficult as it sounds. If you have room on the walls, why not mount baskets to keep things neat and tidy? You can have baskets for towels and other goods.  If you have kids, give them each their own basket to keep their bathroom supplies within reach. Baskets are easy to mount on walls and look great as bathroom décor.


5. Toilet Papers Must be Hanged on the Nearest Point

Bathroom Organization IdeasA toilet paper must be prominently accessible in the washroom at all times for everyone to dry up the surfaces after use. Everyone using the washroom must make sure they look back before walking out. Everyone needs to leave the toilet in better condition as they found it. They should make sure they don’t leave any hair/water on surfaces before stepping out.


6. Add a Laundry Bin

Bathroom Organization IdeasHaving a laundry bin in the bathroom specifically for wet and dirty towels makes it quicker to clean up and way easier to do laundry!  I like washing my towels separately from our clothing items as much as possible so this makes our laundry routine so much simpler.



7. Use Labelling

Use of labels is beneficial to find items. It is also beneficial for any guest to find things handy. As I am a short memory person so labeling is the best way near me. It keeps me in touch with each and everything.

8. Lovely Plant Holders Repurposed in Bathroom

Bathroom Organization IdeasPlant holders make great hair styling supply holders. Instead of hanging plants in them, you just mount them to the wall and put your blow dryer, curling iron and other hair supplies inside. They look great in the bathroom and help you to save a bit of cabinet space. The best thing about these holders is these are available at cheap rates.



Tips for Maintaining Cleanliness in Bathroom:

  • Clean Before Shower

Cleaning before a shower is good because after cleaning the bathroom you can clean yourself as well. Because during cleaning the bathroom you got messy.

  • Say No to Hanging Clothes Behind the Doors

Behind the door, hanging is annoying seriously. Hung clothes behind the door give a very untidy and dirty feel.

  • Wipe all the Surface Clean After Use

After using Bathroom, its necessary to wipe all the surface. It sounds clean and hygienic to use it again.  If you are sharing Washroom with other family members, it the best to leave washroom clean for others.

  • Add Some Flowers or Plants in Vase

Set a basket of flowers in the corner of the bathroom. Aloe Vera, Bamboo, Ivy, and Other plants are best to keep in the bathroom.

  • Use Fragrance Candles

Another way to add fragrance is a scented soy candle. Light the candle before using the toilet, then blow it out once you are finished.

  • Use Absorb Odors

Use baking sodalemon juice, and vinegar. Add this mixture in a bottle and place it in the corner. Sometimes, the area around your toilet needs a good cleaning. This can help remove set-in odors that are causing a bad smell.

I completed this Article with the help of Inter Design.

Some Bathroom Organization Design Ideas:

I collected these designs from #DesignIdeas

Bathroom Organization Ideas

Bathroom Organization Ideas

Bathroom Organization Ideas

Bathroom Organization Ideas


Bathroom Organization Ideas


Bathroom Organization Ideas


Bathroom Organization Ideas


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Written by Huma Shaikh