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Why My Blog?

1- Current Issues:


My blog will let you know about current issues. What is going on and what is our social and moral role on that issue.

2- Beauty tips:


How to look effortlessly beautiful, is not a hard task now. You will get easy beauty tips here. I will share basics of makeup that every girl should know about.

3- Cooking:


I am going to share how to cook food effortlessly. I will post short and easy recipes to make cooking an easy and fun task. My passion is cooking and I always tried to bring joy in cooking food. This is a food lover.

4- Home decoration:


A little wallpaper, paint or few accents can make such a big and beautiful difference in your home. My blog will help you to tackle these ideas in one day, even though the results will look like it took so long.

5- Motivation:


This Blog is a place for people like you who are looking for daily motivation and inspiration to live a life full of adventure. Stay tuned to read real-life motivational stories for you to aspire more to life.

6- Poems:


I got inspiration from RUMI to write. One of my Legendary Teacher pushed me towards writing. I always tried to express my feelings in words. My poems can bring you into an imaginary world of peace. Where you can feel many aspects of nature and life.

7- Travelling:


I will share my experiences while traveling & tracking. I will give you some beneficial traveling tips. My favorite traveling spots in Pakistan are in North Pakistan. There I explored the stunning beauty of nature that my eyes demand to see.


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Written by Huma Shaikh